We now live in the fast growing era of high throughput sequencing (HTS) that is revolutionizing our ability to understand genetic variation (Luikart et al., 2003; Grünwald, McDonald & Milgroom, 2016). Two factors are contributing to a need for new methods of analyzing data: 1. the data is now often in a genome-wide context where location within a genome is part of the analysis and 2. the number of variants are large.

Novel tools in R for population genomic analyses

The R computing language has become a great tool for analyzing population genomic data. A recent special issue in Molecular Ecology Resources provides a nice overview of the arsenal of tools available in R (Paradis et al., 2017). New tools have become available in R for analyzing HTS data including adegenet (Jombart, 2008), ape (Paradis, Claude & Strimmer, 2004), vcfR (Knaus & Grünwald, 2017), and poppr (Kamvar, Tabima & Grünwald, 2014; Kamvar, Brooks & Grünwald, 2015) among others. Section III of this primer is geared towards analyzing whole genome or reduced representation genomic data for populations using the variant call format (VCF). The next three chapters will focus on introducing the VCF file format, reading SNP data into R from high throughput sequencing projects, performing quality control, and conducting selected analyses using population genomic data.


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